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I became an Authorized Representative for INLIGHT THERAPY SYSTEMS because of how much their product has helped me and so I'd love to help get these products into as many homes as I can! 


Inlight Therapy Systems offers professional quality low-level laser (red/infrared/blue) therapy systems which have been on the market for over 30 years. These are at a higher price point than many other newer light therapy devices on the market today because they also have some other specialized features that set them apart, such as:

 - Targeted Frequencies: the ability to choose specific frequencies (based on Schumann Resonance, Nogier Frequencies and Solfeggio notes) to target the tissues that are affected, bringing in each tissue's natural resonance or vibration so it can be supported in returning to a state of health

 - Multi-pulse technology to prevent plateauing that often happens with systems that use a constant stream of light waves rather than using pulsing light waves 

 - LED bulbs embedded in neoprene pads make treatments comfortable as they can be placed anywhere on the body while laying down, rather than needing to be sitting or standing in front of a system on a stand or mounted on a wall. This additional feature of comfort often means better compliance with using the system.


 - Two year manufacturer's warranty followed by $99 flat rate for any repairs after the warrant expires.


When a light system is purchased, customers receive

a FREE consultation from me which includes an individualized protocol and Frequency Guide (including which frequencies to use, where and for how long) to understand how to best use the lights for their particular health or cosmetic concern.


In addition to helping people get setup with home -based light therapy systems, I also helps other practitioners get setup to use a light therapy system in their professional practices. I mentor other practitioners in using INLIGHT THERAPY SYSTEMS. I also offer recommendations on where to take light therapy certification courses, options for insurance providers, and helps guide them in purchasing the best system for their particular practice or niche. 

I offer access to FULLSCRIPT, an online supplement dispensary located in Canada and in the US that includes many high quality brands of vitamins, minerals and herbs which are only available through practitioners. All clients or members who sign up get a 5% discount on all supplements ordered.




I have witnessed life changing health benefits for so many, including for myself, from using the Zencleanz products. Therefore I highly recommend these high quality herbal and enzyme-based cleanses for the digestive system (to release mucoid plaque), the liver, the lungs, the blood and lymph, and the kidneys. 


Receive a 5% discount on all Zencleanz products using this affiliate promo code: WholisticDetox

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