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Pricing Plans

  • AnotherWayToHeal -Wild Hearts Collective

    Every month
    Healing membership for Wild Hearts committed to personal and collective health and expansion
    • Twice monthly group healing for MIND, HEART, BODY and SOUL
    • 5% off private sessions, light therapy systems & supplements
    • Remote Group Healing 1st Tuesday each month, 10 am PST
    • Receive an email summary of what healing was offered
    • Live Zoom Group Healing 3rd Tuesday each month, 6 PM PST
    • Zoom recordings available for those who cannot attend live
    • Different theme(s) each session as per group's energy
    • Clearing and reprogramming of limiting beliefs offered
    • Emotional and energetic clearing of outside interference
    • Physical healing to help clear toxins, pathogens , radiation
    • Healing to support clearing of engineered infectious agents
    • Clearing for chemicals & heavy metals, pharma residues
    • DNA Activations - healing telomeres and mitochondrial DNA
    • Ancestral healing and Soul Healing/Retrievals
    • Upgrade/strengthen your energetic protection/shielding
    • Clear Trauma and Shock from your being on all levels
    • Suggested self-care practices for mind, body, spirit
    • Get healing support to awaken to your highest potential
    • This offering is for those w/ open mind, heart, and eyes!
    • Without spiritual bypassing or avoiding the darkness/shadow
    • Instead we choose to see it and bring love and light to it
    • Anchor in more light & love to support humanity's awakening!
    • e-transfers accepted if preferred over online credit card
    • Time/day of scheduled healings are subject to change
  • Light Therapy and/or Ionic Detox Package

    Savings Package of 4 x 45 Min sessions.of light therapy, detox footbaths & health advice.
    Valid for 4 months
    • Light Therapy/Detox Footbath Package
    • Light Therapy and/or Detox Footbaths
  • Wholistic Healing 45 Min Session Package

    4 x 45 min Session Package
    Valid for 4 months
    • Wholistic Healing 4 Session Package
    • Wholistic Healing Session
  • Wholistic Healing 90 Min Session Package

    4 x 90 Min Session Package
    Valid for 4 months
    • Wholistic Healing 4 Session Package
    • Wholistic Healing Session

The knowledge, intelligence and intuition that Melissa offers as a practitioner has been invaluable to me as a mom.  I have needed her advice on a couple of different health challenges that our son has experienced, and she was able to provide me with practical recommendations, emotional support, and compassion for me literally not knowing what to do.  


I feel Melissa's role is so broad, because her capacities to heal, advise, and educate extend far beyond a regular health practitioner!  She is completely unique and I am SO incredibly grateful for her existence!  Melissa is able to blend the physical with the spiritual in such a beautiful way that honours our beings on all different levels.


Thank you, Melissa, for your bright light on this earth.  I highly recommend you as a Holistic Practitioner!

Happy Mama

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