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Wholistic & Intuitive Healing


I work intuitively to help you uncover the root causes of symptoms/illness/disease and then we work together to bring healing to these parts of you including tending to the inner child, ancestral programming, repressed emotions and traumas, and reprogramming limiting beliefs. Acknowledging and healing the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of your concerns and empowering you with the knowledge needed to heal is most important to me. I use a variety of Quantum Healing modalities with the basis of my Energy Medicine training being ThetaHealing and Reiki. As a yoga teacher, I will often bring in guided visualizations and breath practices into the sessions to increase the potency of the healing and so that you can go home with tools for self-healing to use between sessions.

When trauma and repressed emotions have been present in the energy field and body long enough there is often a build up of physical toxicity as well, and physical toxicity can also create mental/emotional disturbances. Therefore, often the body needs support in cleansing toxins along with the limiting beliefs and emotions, which allows for a truly wholistic, synergistic, and deep detoxification. My biggest goal in this work is to guide you in reconnecting with the parts of you that you disconnected from as a result of trauma, which is where the magic of healing truly lies.


I also offer a detailed Energy Field/Health Analysis, testing the strength or all your organs, glands, tissues, and systems as well as your levels of nutrients, and whether pathogens, toxins, miasms/inherited diseases are contributing to your health concerns. A comprehensive healing plan with vibrational water formulas is then offered to treat these issues with specific frequencies. Contact me directly to book this service.


Polychromatic Low-level Laser Light Therapy

red/infrared light therapy
red/infrared light therapy

Low-level Laser Light therapy (Infrared + Red and/or Blue) applied directly to the skin penetrates into the body and brain, at varying depths. The Inlight Therapy system I use has been FDA cleared for decreasing pain and increasing circulation. Hundreds of studies are showing promising results for various other conditions like PTSD, depression, dementia, brain injury, diabetic neuropathy, skin wounds and infections. It helps the cells detoxify toxins and gives the mitochondria a boost to produce more ATP/energy.


I also use a Facial Light System from Neurocare that offers the option to choose from 7 different colours + infrared on 4 different areas of the face, for a different healing effect on the skin, facial muscles or lymphatics, eyes and brain. This facial light system is effective for helping with a variety of skin issues such as acne, rosacea, eczema, bacterial infections, wrinkles, as well as sinus congestion/infections, and it helps to balance the nervous system, heals the brain and assists in its detoxification. These are just some of my observations. The potential for healing with light therapy is tremendous!

 I am a certified light therapist and a sales distributor for INLIGHT THERAPY Inc. so that I can help people get light systems for themselves for personal or professional use.


Ionic Detox Footbaths

Ionic Detox Footbath

The Ionic Cell Cleanser infuses negative and positive ions into the water. These ions are then absorbed through your skin (feet or hands) and they help clear meridians and open up the detoxification pathways.  Electrolysis also occurs where negatively charged ions attract positively charged toxins, and positively charged ions attract negatively charged toxins out of the tissues to be eliminated by the body. This cleansing process lasts for approximately one week after the treatment. I also provide you with some food, herbal or supplement suggestions to support your detoxification after the session. 

Wild Hearts Collective Membership: Receive group healing twice monthly (one remote session and one zoom session) as well as a 5% discount on sessions, Inlight therapy system purchases as well as supplements through Fullscript. Using my training as a Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master and Thetahealer I offer healing for your mind, body, and soul. Healing is guided by your higher selves and the group's overall energy. I offer healing to clear pathogens, toxins, dense energies, repressed emotions, trauma/shock and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and your higher self brings in the healing frequencies being offered that you need and in the dose and timing that is right for you. Healing may also include energetic upgrades, downloads and DNA activations. I also offer energetic integrations of various vibrational medicine formulas. During the zoom calls I will also offer some teaching about health topics as well as guide you in various meditative healing exercises to help you awaken your inner healer and remember who you are.

TESTIMONIALS from Wild Hearts Collective Members:


Wow Melissa

What fascinating work you are doing right now. Thank you taking the time and care to explain some of these things. Magical.


As I rest and allow these integration of this amazing offering, I feel so much restructuring going on in my brain. 


Thank you so much for the work that you do. 

What a blessing you are

~Maria Gould, Vanderhoof, BC



Wow, thank you SO much. I'm just finally taking this in today, and it always feels like exactly what I need.

Thank you so much for all you offer in these amazing sessions.


With love and gratitude,




Thank you so much for this offering this month.  As I have struggled withchronic headaches this was really pertinent for me and I especially love the card that really sits well for me at this time.


I am listening to the song you recommended as well…so beautiful.


thank you again Melissa xoxox

~Anonymous Wild Heart

"Melissa has treated all members of my family, young and old, and for various reasons - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. Her intuitive healing abilities are powerfully accurate and she is so incredibly generous with her constant support and dedication to her clients."


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