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I offer a few different types of sessions:

  1. Free Discovery Call to see whether we are a good match to work together, to learn more about my services and how I may be able to support your health and life goals, and/or to discuss a possible purchase of your own light therapy system from Inlight Therapy. Also see the SHOP button for more information. A light therapy system purchase from me also comes with a complementary 1 hour session to discuss your health goals with the lights and come up with an individualized light therapy protocol for you.

  2. Light Therapy and/or Ionic Detox Footbaths along with Health Guidance: This only includes light therapy and/or detox treatments along with some health coaching and does not include deeper medical intuitive or energy work, mental and emotional/trauma healing or vibrational water medicine assessments. I will set you up with the red/infrared lights and/or ionic detox foot/hand bath and let you relax or meditate while they work their magic. I will recommend some supportive measures after your session to support a gentle cleansing process. Four session savings package also available.

  3. Wholistic Healing: These 45 or 90 min sessions include any combination of the synergistic services I offer including medical intuition, energy medicine, mental (reprogramming limiting beliefs) and emotional/trauma healing, inner child work, nervous system rebalancing, Soul healing/retrievals, DNA activations, ancestral healing, vibrational water medicine mini-analysis, light therapy, ionic detox footbaths, and health guidance. Four session savings package also available below.

  4. Detailed Medical Intuitive Analysis & Vibrational Water Medicine: The intuitive energy field analysis is done by me remotely and then when complete we schedule a 90 minute session to go over the report and discuss my recommendations and if we have time we may also incorporate some energy healing.


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