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I am available for online or in-person sessions.

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 Online and in-person sessions available

Working with Melissa feels like seeing multiple therapists in one session! She is so knowledgeable and has such a large toolkit. I always feel like I have so many options and am well cared for.



I'm so grateful for you and our sessions. You taught me how to heal myself. I'm in such a great place these days.



Financially Struggling?  Lets chat about a payment plan that works for both of us.

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The knowledge, intelligence and intuition that Melissa offers as a practitioner has been invaluable to me as a mom.  I have needed her advice on a couple of different health challenges that our son has experienced, and she was able to provide me with practical recommendations, emotional support, and compassion for me literally not knowing what to do.  


I feel Melissa's role is so broad, because her capacities to heal, advise, and educate extend far beyond a regular health practitioner!  She is completely unique and I am SO incredibly grateful for her existence!  Melissa is able to blend the physical with the spiritual in such a beautiful way that honours our beings on all different levels.


Thank you, Melissa, for your bright light on this earth.  I highly recommend you as a Holistic Practitioner!

Happy Mama

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