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My Journey from Medical Doctor to Medical Intuitive

During my time in Medical School and as a Family Doctor, it always felt like something was missing in my toolkit. I was longing to have more skills that helped people heal on a deeper level. I wasn't satisfied with a "band-aid" approach of taming symptoms. I felt deeply, in the core of my being, that there must be something beyond what I was taught in western medicine, that could get to the root cause of illness and help people achieve health and wellness. So, as a young medical student I began my journey of trying to find what that was.

I really enjoyed exploring patients' emotions, thoughts, behaviours, stressors, dietary habits, and life experiences. I spent a lot of time in medical school and residency reading about the principles of Integrative Medicine, Psychotherapy, Nutrition and Exercise. I chose additional electives (placements) with Psychiatrists and Therapists in clinics, hospitals, and at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. I spent time talking to a lot of people who were deeply suffering on an existential level. Patients' often expressed their frustration to me about the current medical system being too focused on pharmaceuticals. I felt their frustration too, as a learner and as a patient.


I especially enjoyed learning about Indigenous Medicine and the Medicine Wheel and how the First Nations cultures traditionally incorporated all aspects of the self - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual - into their life and healing practices. In fact, I specifically chose to attend the Northern Ontario School of Medicine because of its emphasis on learning about the importance of holistic medicine and the wisdom within First Nations traditions.


From Suffering to Health & Joy: Mother and Child


It was becoming a mother to my beautiful son (born in 2013) that catapulted me into studying Holistic forms of Medicine more deeply. When he was just an infant and toddler he struggled with significant health issues that started after receiving routine vaccinations ( such as developmental regressions, autoimmunity, full body eczema, acid reflux, severe daily abdominal pain, poor appetite, stalled growth, and sleepless nights for years). I researched every day and brought him to several practitioners in those first few years, determined to help him recover. When he was just over 1 year old, at the peak of his suffering, I graduated from my Family Medicine residency and then began studying Functional Medicine in an effort to find answers to help him.

Various therapies, special diets, and supplements were tried and I saw some results with these but he continued to regress developmentally. I saw the biggest gains in his health after I found practitioners who provided quantum healing modalities and technologies such as Intuitive Energy Medicine (Medical Intuition, ThetaHealing & Reiki) and Vibrational or Frequency Medicine (Vibrational Water Medicine through Healers Who Share and Heilkunst Homeopathy), and then more recently Light Therapy and Ionic Detox Foobaths. He completely and deeply TRANSFORMED before my eyes and this work allowed him to become the healthy and happy child he is now at 10 years of age. I will be forever grateful for the amazing healers who crossed our path, and helped him (and I) move out of suffering, pain, and trauma to health, joy, and peace!

Spine and Brain Injuries Redirect My Life and Career

When I worked as a Family Doctor from 2014-2017, I continued my studies of Integrative/Functional Medicine and incorporated these principles into my practice. I found this very satisfying and helpful to many of my patients, however I kept wishing I could help people even more deeply, like the Healers who had helped my son. I often referred patients to these practitioners and often heard positive feedback regarding how much they were being helped by them as well. Little did I know, that my own healing journey was about to begin and steer me in a whole new direction!


I sustained injuries to my spine and brain in October 2017 and as a result was unable to work for a few years. I experienced chronic fatigue and chronic pain, brain fog, anxiety, depression, as well as severe sleep issues and other debilitating symptoms. Many of these had been present prior to my spine and brain injuries, but to a milder degree, due to a combination of various autoimmune conditions and a heavy toxin load that had been grumbling for decades. I realized when my son was a baby that I was also dealing with longstanding vaccine injuries as well as adverse effects from other pharmaceuticals I'd taken years before. I was devastated to realize that the medical system I was working in as an MD, had been the cause of most of my health issues (in addition to other emotional-based traumas). Vaccine injuries are also a form of trauma on the physical body as well as the mental/emotional systems. While on medical leave, I was searching far and wide for modalities to help me heal from the devastating effects these various types of injuries had on my health and well-being. Not surprisingly, all the modalities that helped my son also helped me the most.



To heal myself, I spent a lot of time incorporating self-healing practices into my daily routine, including connecting to the elements in Nature, Yoga, meditation, and breath work. I have had to do a lot of work to heal and rebalance my nervous system that was holding trauma, learn to get comfortable being in my body and feeling my emotions, reprogram limiting beliefs and detoxify a large amount of toxins as well as clear chronic infections that are part of living with autoimmune diseases. I realized as I started to deeply heal that I needed to learn how to incorporate these modalities into my own work, so that I could help people transform their health and life on all levels, just as I had been doing.


Trained in Medical Intuition, Quantum Healing, Low-level Laser Therapy, Vibrational Water Medicine , and Yoga

Many different modalities were a part of my healing process, some of which I then began to study myself, including ThetaHealing, Reiki, Medical Intuition, Yoga, Low-level Laser Light Therapy, Ionic Detox Footbaths, herbs, cleanses, and most significantly --> Vibrational Water Medicine. I feel that this combination of therapies, along with a healthy lifestyle and deeper connection to Nature is what healed me. I am healthier now than I ever was! I feel that I have now developped the combination of knowledge and skills I was longing for, to help people heal more deeply and achieve health and wellness in their mind, heart, body and soul. 


As a result of my own personal transformative healing experiences as well as my son's, I am incredibly passionate and excited to share the modalities that helped us the most, with people of all ages from infancy and beyond! 


Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa, 2007

  • Medical Degree, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, 2011

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course, Queen's University 2012

  • Family Medicine Residency, Queen's University, 2014

  • Energy, Cardio-metabolic & Neurology modules, Institute of Functional Medicine, 2016-2017

  • Functional Neurology Cerebellar and Vestibular Course, IAFNR, 2017

  • Bioindividual Nutrition Program, 2015-ongoing

  • Usui Reiki, 1st & 2nd Degrees in 2018, Reiki Master in 2020

  • ThetaHealing: Basic & Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, Game of Life and Family Ties, 2018-2019

  • Yoga Teacher Training, 2018-2019

  • Beyond Addictions/Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: The Yogic Path to Recovery, 2019

  • Light Therapy Certification through "LETS", Level 1, 2020

  • Certificate for Medical Intuition, 2019. Medical Intuition Instructor Course, 2022. International College of Medical Intuition, Inc.,

  • Medical Intuition and Vibrational Water Medicine, Fully Certified with Healers Who Share, Inc. 2021-2023

  • Mesa program (Andean Rainbow lineage), 7 week program with Eva Blum at Tree Star Health, 2023 - ongoing

"During my first session with Melissa I got a strong feeling about one of my life purposes and I feel that the treatment had a significant positive impact on my health and wellbeing."


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