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My Journey from Medical Doctor to Medical Intuitive

During my time in Medical School and as a Family Doctor, it always felt like something was missing in my toolkit. I was longing to have more skills that helped people heal on a deeper level. I wasn't satisfied with a "band-aid" approach of taming symptoms. I felt deeply, in the core of my being, that there must be something beyond what I was taught in western medicine, that could get to the root cause of illness and help people achieve health and wellness. So, as a young medical student I began my journey of trying to find what that was.

I really enjoyed exploring patients' emotions, thoughts, behaviours, stressors, dietary habits, and life experiences. I spent a lot of time in medical school and residency reading about the principles of Integrative Medicine, Psychotherapy, Nutrition and Exercise. I chose additional electives (placements) with Doctors and Therapists in clinics, hospitals, and at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. I spent time talking to a lot of people who were deeply suffering on an existential level. Patients' often expressed their frustration to me about the current medical system being too focused on pharmaceuticals. I felt their frustration too, as a learner and as a patient.

From Suffering to Health & Joy: Mother and Child


It was becoming a mother to my beautiful son (born in 2013) that

catapulted me into studying Holistic forms of Medicine more deeply.

When he was just an infant and toddler he struggled with significant

health issues that started after receiving routine vaccinations (such

as developmental regressions, encephalitis, autoimmunity, full body

eczema, acid reflux, severe daily abdominal pain, poor appetite, stalled

growth, and sleepless nights for years). I desperately researched every

day and brought him to several practitioners in those first few years,

determined to help him recover. When he was just over 1 year old, at the

peak of his suffering, I graduated from my Family Medicine residency and then began studying Functional Medicine in an effort to find answers to help him.

Various therapies, special diets, and supplements were tried and I saw some results with these but he continued to regress developmentally. I saw the biggest gains in his health after I found practitioners who provided quantum healing modalities and technologies such as Medical Intuition, Energy Medicine (especially Thetahealing) and Vibrational Water Medicine (through Healers Who Share/Purely Resonance), and then more recently Light Therapy and Ionic Detox Foobaths. He completely and deeply TRANSFORMED before my eyes and this work allowed him to become the healthy and happy child he is now at 11 years of age. I will be forever grateful for the amazing healers who crossed our path, and helped him (and I) move out of suffering, pain, and trauma to health, joy, and peace!

Spine and Brain Injuries Redirect My Life and Career Even Further!

While I was a practicing Family Doctor, I sustained injuries to my spine and brain (2017) and as a result was unable to work for a few years. I experienced chronic fatigue and full body pain, brain fog, anxiety, depression, as well as severe insomnia. Eventually it became clear that I was also experiencing breast cancer and an autoimmune connective tissue disorder (all my connective tissues were breaking down) and demyelination of my brain and spine (which was causing severe painful full body spasms that looked like seizures). I was riddled with fear that I would die or end up in a wheelchair. 


Some of these symptoms had been present prior to my spine and brain injuries, but to a much milder degree. I realized after a lot of research that I, just like my son, was also dealing with adverse effects from all types of pharmaceuticals I'd taken over the decades before. I was devastated to realize that the medical system I was working in, had been the cause of most of my health issues (in addition to other traumas). So, not surprisingly, all the modalities that helped my son also helped me the most and I'm now I'm very happy to report I'm healthier than I've ever been in my entire life.


To heal myself, in addition to receiving healing sessions from various practitioners and taking vibrational water medicines (the most effective intervention for both my son and I), I spent a lot of time incorporating self-healing practices into my daily routine, including prioritizing time in Nature, movement practices, meditation, and breath work. I have had to do a lot of work to heal and rebalance my nervous system as it was dysregulated from trauma (including heavy toxic exposures causing damage to my vagus nerve) as well as learn to regulate my circadian rhythm. I had to re-learn how to get comfortable being in my body and feeling my emotions, reprogram my limiting beliefs as well as clear a large amount of toxins and chronic infections that are a part of living with autoimmune diseases. I learned to heal the battle within myself (mentally and emotionally) and instead embrace self-love and empowerment which helped to balance my immune system away from autoimmunity.


I realized I needed to be able to offer people the possibility of quantum-level breakthroughs like I had experienced and witnessed in my son and so I began to study energy medicine (Reiki, Yoga, Thetahealing & Medical Intuition) as well as Light Therapy and then I had the great pleasure of studying Vibrational Water Medicine. I also spent a lot of time studying how to heal from trauma from a somatic lens. I feel that I have now developed the combination of knowledge and skills I was longing for, when I was a medical student and family doctor, to help people heal more deeply and achieve health and wellness in their mind, body and soul. As a result of my own personal experiences, I am incredibly passionate and excited to share the modalities that helped us the most, with people of all ages from infancy and beyond! 


I officially retired my medical license to practice medicine as I did not feel it was possible to practice the way I wanted to within the medical system. So, in an effort to liberate myself from the constraints of the medical system and its a authorities, I chose to leave on my own terms and wholeheartedly pursue working in the fields of energy and vibrational medicine. Even without a medical license, I will always retain my Medical Degree (MD) as well as the knowledge gained throughout my medical training, however I can no longer provide official medical diagnoses, medical testing or treatments. I see my work as complementary to any medical services your family physician can provide.

Melissa Crawford, MD, Medical Intuitive & Wholistic Healer
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Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa, 2007

  • Medical Degree, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, 2011

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course, Queen's University 2012

  • Family Medicine Residency, Queen's University, 2014

  • Energy, Cardio-metabolic & Neurology modules, Institute of Functional Medicine, 2016-2017

  • Functional Neurology Cerebellar and Vestibular Course, IAFNR, 2017

  • Bioindividual Nutrition Program, 2015-ongoing

  • Usui Reiki, 1st & 2nd Degrees in 2018, Reiki Master in 2020

  • ThetaHealing Courses: Basic & Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, Game of Life and Family Ties, 2018-2019, Digging Deeper 2024

  • Yoga Teacher Training, 2018-2019

  • Beyond Addictions/Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: The Yogic Path to Recovery, 2019

  • Light Therapy Certification through "LETS", Level 1, 2020

  • Certificate for Medical Intuition, 2019. Medical Intuition Instructor Course, 2022. International College of Medical Intuition, Inc.,

  • Medical Intuition & Vibrational Water Medicine, Healers Who Share/Purely Resonance, Inc. 2022-2023

  • Mesa program (Andean Rainbow lineage), 7 week program with Eva Blum at Tree Star Health, 2023 - ongoing

"During my first session with Melissa I got a strong feeling about one of my life purposes and I feel that the treatment had a significant positive impact on my health and wellbeing."


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