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Melissa Crawford

Quantum Intuitive Healer

All of you wants to be seen and heard;
the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
Integrating and healing all aspects of you is necessary to feel healthy, happy and whole.


I am a Medical Intuitive, ThetaHealer, Reiki Master, Light Therapist and Yoga Teacher with a background as a previously licensed Medical Doctor. I retired my medical license in early 2022 and am no longer offering medical care.

I aim to find and heal the root causes of your health issues and guide you in transforming your health and life on all levels. This unique combination of education and skills allows for a deeply holistic perspective and experience in my sessions, where client empowerment is of the utmost importance.

I would love to help...

Are you interested in alternative healing approaches for you or your child that address the whole person? Do you want to get to the root of your health issues? Interested in trying Frequency Medicine that targets your specific issues, using light therapy and/or vibrational waters? Interested in learning about limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that are co-creating your current reality? Are you feeling stuck in your life? Want to connect more deeply with your heart and soul?

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"Receiving Reiki from Melissa allowed me to feel safe in my body for the first time in over 10 years."


“Melissa is a magical soul. Her heart is pure and her presence is very nurturing. If you are ready to open and step into your heart, then she’s your gal. Working with her is a gift!”


Medical Intuition, ThetaHealing, and Reiki
Detailed Health Analysis + Vibrational Water Medicine
Low-level Laser Therapy (Red/Infrared Light Therapy)
Ionic Detox Foot Baths + Detox Support Protocols
Learn Self-Healing Techniques

Reiki & Yoga Classes

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