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Melissa Crawford

Another Way To Heal

Heal the root causes

Create a life you love!

Former Family Doctor Turned
Healing Mentor & Guide

There is another way to heal - that honours the whole of you and that is safe, gentle and effective. All of you needs to be seen and heard -  the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. I aim to bring healing to the root cause of dis-ease, which I believe is trauma, on any of these levels. I guide you in clearing energetic blocks (emotions and limiting beliefs), reconnecting with yourself, taking your power back, and awakening your inner healer so you can create the juiciest life possible for yourself - feeling healthy, joyful, empowered and fully embodied in your wholeness!

As a former Family Doctor, I weave my deep knowledge of the human body from my medical training together with the wisdom and skills I've obtained from studying various quantum healing modalities.
I am a certified Medical Intuitive, ThetaHealer, Reiki Master, Purely Resonance
TM Practitioner, and Light Therapist. I have been studying within the health care and healing fields for over 21 years.

This unique combination of education and skills allows for a deeply holistic perspective and experience in my sessions, where empowerment is of the utmost importance to me. I am passionate about helping people remember who they are as powerful reality creators and divine sparks of light and love!

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?” - Rumi

I would love to help if...


You are interested in natural healing approaches for you or your child that address the whole person and that aim to support you in strengthening your own intuition and your connection to your Soul and Creator/God/Universe/Source which as a result will awaken your innate healing capabilities

You want to get to the root of your health issues and are willing to dive into your shadow - wounds, traumas, shocks, emotions, and limiting beliefs from your past as well as from your ancestors

You are Interested in learning about and reprogramming limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that are currently co-creating your reality. Create the reality you desire, a life you love!

You are open and excited about frequency healing methods that target your specific issues using light therapy and/or vibrational water remedies

If this resonates with you, please book an initial consultation!

"Receiving Reiki from Melissa allowed me to feel safe in my body for the first time in over 10 years."


“Melissa is a magical soul. Her heart is pure and her presence is very nurturing. If you are ready to open and step into your heart, then she’s your gal. Working with her is a gift!”


Medical Intuition, ThetaHealing, and Reiki
Detailed Intuitive Analysis + Vibrational Water Remedies
Low-level Laser Therapy (Red/Infrared Light Therapy)
Ionic Detox Foot Baths
Reiki Classes

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