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Why I Left My Medical Career

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Melissa Crawford: People often ask me why I left my medical career behind….here is my honest and short answer!

I trained as a Family Doctor and Functional Medicine Practitioner. I graduated from my family medicine residency in 2014. I once thought I could « be part of the change within the system ». However, being a Doctor in this authoritarian system felt disempowering and deeply out of alignment with my heart and soul! It was affecting my health. I needed to leave for my own wellbeing. As a result, I left the Canadian medical system and my medical license behind in February of 2022.

It felt like being in a toxic abusive relationship where authenticity and thinking for yourself are not only not encouraged…but also Doctors speaking TRUTH and helping people, in a way that doesn’t go along with mainstream narratives, are being punished and muzzled. I refuse to simply follow rules or guidelines without question, or be the one that looks the other way in the face of harm, lies and deceit. I don’t jive with those vibes. I took an OATH to DO NO HARM, one that I take very seriously! And I’ve witnessed a lot of harm being done over the years! I have also been significantly harmed by our medical system, as was my son, by receiving routine vaccinations. I needed to break FREE from the system’s chains and cages.

I needed to feel FREE TO BE ME and to help people heal in the way that is TRUE for ME.

It was important for me to use modalities that honour and heal the whole person – mind, body, heart and spirit! I am now able to use modalities that create deep healing for people in ways that were not possible with the tools I learned during my medical training. These modalities, technologies and techniques are not currently welcome or accepted within the Canadian medical system and therefore needed to become part of a private practice. I have no regrets and know that my medical education is a great background for doing Medical Intuitive and Healing work!

Intuitive wisdom (right brain) paired with medical and scientific knowledge (left brain) is an incredible and powerful combination! Using the whole brain is where it’s at! This is where I see the new wellness care system heading. While our current Canadian medical system crumbles and the deep corruption is exposed for all to see, let’s all envision the new system and new reality that we want to co-create! I’m envisioning something really beautiful for the new “Wellness Care” system here in Canada: – Multidisciplinary holistic and collaborative care where conventional and complementary forms of medicine and healing modalities work together – Frequency-based medicine in the form of sound healing, light therapy and vibrational water remedies are regularly used – Quantum healing that addresses the mind, body, heart and spirit. This would look like reprogramming limiting beliefs in the mind, processing repressed emotions and traumas stored in the body, and balancing and healing the energy field through various forms of energy medicine. – Foods, herbs and supplements are used as a first resort to addressing physical issues (in addition to quantum healing techniques) and medications and surgeries are used as a last resort or in more serious and emergent cases when necessary. – Re-establishing a healthy connection to nature – Emphasizing and nurturing our connection to our spiritual and energetic self through Yoga, prayer, meditation, ceremonies, etc. – Doctors are trained in Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine in Medical School, to help them find and treat the root cause of illness on all levels – the mind, body, heart and spirt.

I have hope that our future can and will be bright if we choose to embrace unity, peace and love! What do I do now? I am a Medical Intuitive, Quantum Healer, Light Therapist and I also work with Vibrational Water Medicines and offer gentle holistic detox treatments. I am passionate about helping people take their power back, learn to heal themselves, and reconnect to their intuition, their Soul and to their bodies in a healthy way.

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Thank you Melissa for Been You🙏🌹🤗 Telling the Honest Truth!

Been a True Healer Thank You!🌹🙏🤗💞🌟 Can I have your primision to share this on My Facebook feed.

Much Blessings 💞🙏🌹🤗🤍💖🌟

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Melissa Crawford
Melissa Crawford
04 ago 2023
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Yes of course :)

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