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What is Medical Intuition and How Can it Help You Heal?

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Melissa Crawford: "Ever wonder what is at the root of your health concerns?" She shares her experience with medical intuition.

Medical Intuition is a modality that aims to uncover the root causes of your health concerns. The whole being is assessed – the mental, emotional, physical, sexual, social, and spiritual or energetic aspects of you. These parts of you are not separate. They are deeply interconnected and constantly communicating and affecting one another. The thoughts and beliefs in your mind are causing a particular release of frequencies, neurotransmitters, chemicals and hormones that are also creating specific feelings and emotions to be felt and expressed. This is undoubtedly also impacting the physical function of your body and the flow of energy through the electromagnetic field within and around you. Energetic blocks can be present for years before physical disease sets in. The vibration of each of your cells is impacted by all of these other aspects of your being. The higher the vibration of the cells and tissues, the healthier and happier you are!

Medical intuitives use all of their senses to learn about what is going on and what is needed for you to heal. They may also guide you in the intuitive « digging » process as well, teaching you how to get these answers for yourself. They can sense the vibrations (waves of frequencies) that are being emitted from your electromagnetic field, mind, emotions and body. They have developed the ability to quiet their mind enough to receive messages from your being and the Universe through visual impressions, various sensations and feelings in their own bodies, thoughts popping in their mind as an « inner knowing », hearing sounds or words, as well as sensing tastes and smells. While I’m describing « Medical Intuition », I also want to be clear that there are many other types of practitioners such as Therapists, Energy Medicine Practitioners, Indigenous Medicine Practitioners or Shamans, Osteopaths, Psychics, Doctors of Chinese Medicine and other types of Healers who are not necessarily identifying themselves as « Medical Intuitives » but are indeed tapping into this type of intuitive health information for their clients or patients.

Every human being is receiving messages in some or all of these ways every day, however because we are not usually encouraged to listen to our intuition as children, we become out of touch with these senses over time. Ever get that « gut feeling » to do or not do something and then notice it was right? That’s your intuition. The good news is, it is possible for anyone to practice and strengthen these abilities at any time in their lives. Intuition is simply a skill that is like a muscle that needs to be strengthened, through practice. I believe this is one of the most important skills that all humans need to reconnect with at this time in human history (the other is a healthy connection to Nature and these two are very connected!). This is one way we can take our power back from the systems that have been telling us what to do with our bodies and minds for far too long, with no acknowledgement that deep within us we know what is best for us, we just need to remember how to access our inner knowing.

Here are some examples of what Medical Intuitives may sense in a session with you:

– They may be able to perceive physical things like lumps, blood clots, toxins (heavy metals, chemicals), pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites), an organ or gland that is functioning poorly, a nutritional deficiency, and so much more! They may get the sense that a certain food, herb or supplement would support your health. When something is perceived as potentially serious, they will usually advise you to discuss talking to your Medical Doctor about getting some testing done, while continuing to work with you on getting to the root cause (this is always the best approach!). I always highly encourage people to incorporate a combination of Western Medicine AND Medical Intuition (as well as other complementary health modalities) to get the most information about their health as well as have the best possible outcome!

– On the emotional level, Medical Intuitives may sense repressed and unprocessed emotions, shocks, and traumas from the past that are in the electromagnetic field and « stuck » in the physical body, blocking the flow of life force energy to certain tissues, organs, glands, and systems which may cause various symptoms and disease states. For these emotional energies to move rather than stay stuck, there is often healing that needs to happen for your inner child, including reprogramming any beliefs around feeling safe to feel those feelings. Some Medical Intuitives may be trained in various therapeutic and energetic techniques that incorporate healing for your Inner Child and some may not be.

– On the mental level, certain thought patterns/imprints, programs and limiting beliefs may be perceived, in the conscious and/or unconscious mind that are negatively impacting one’s health, relationships, career, financial situation, etc. Most of these beliefs are usually formed in the first 7 years of our lives. Examples of limiting beliefs/programs: « I am unworthy of love », « I am a mistake », « I am stupid », « I am unsafe to speak my truth », « It isn’t safe to express my feelings », « I must suffer to learn », « I need to be sick to receive love and nurturing from others », etc. There are many methods for reprogramming limiting beliefs (Thetahealing, EFT, etc), so the good news is, we aren’t stuck with them forever! If we want to choose a new reality we need to change our beliefs. Some Medical Intuitives will simply bring your attention to these limiting beliefs and others may be trained to help you reprogram them.

– On the energetic level, fragmentation of the soul may be seen, which is usually a result of trauma. This will cause people to feel lost, have low self-esteem, feel disconnected from their truth and their intuition and cause many chronic mental, emotional, and physical issues because their true essence is not fully inhabiting their body. This can be repaired if the Medical Intuitive is also trained in Energy Medicine. This is a key skill to have when helping people heal because most humans have some degree of trauma and therefore fragmentation. Medical Intuitives can also sense whether other energies (such as other people’s emotions) are impacting their client’s energy field. Ever feel terrible after being around someone who was spewing anger, hate, or was feeling sad? You probably picked up some of those frequencies that were coming your way! These can be cleared in a session using energetic techniques and anyone can learn how to clear themselves regularly as well.

This is just a short list of examples of what can come through if you have a session with a Medical Intuitive. There is no limit to what is possible! Some will simply offer intuitive readings/assessments (provide information about root causes but do not offer healing), however most Medical Intuitives also use Energy Medicine and/or Energy Psychology techniques to incorporate Quantum Healing for the mind, body, emotions and spirit. This is the best possible combination, in my personal and professional opinion.

As I mentioned above, Medical Doctors or other health care professionals are often getting intuitive messages about their patients, whether they know it or not. There is a lot more power in knowing when they are doing it! Most often they give all the credit to their textbook knowledge, however intuitive wisdom is also coming through, if they allow it. One of my life goals and dreams is to help bring Medical Intuition training into Medical Schools so that Doctors can learn not only to strengthen and develop their left brain (knowledge) but also their right brain (creativity and intuitive wisdom) and to learn to assess the whole person when making a diagnosis. Imagine the HUGE potential if Doctors were encouraged and taught how to use their WHOLE brains and to look at you as a WHOLE being?! I would also love to see all schools regularly encouraging children and teens to practice and strengthen their intuitive senses, so they do not lose these abilities they were born with, over time.

The yogis have believed for thousands of years if not more, that we actually have TEN bodies – only one of which is our physical body! We are much more energetic than most people realize. I look forward to the day when more health professionals learn and understand that we are so much more complex than just a sack of flesh (physical body) – that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe this is one of the other most important changes (in addition to incorporating Frequency Medicine) that needs to happen within our health care system for it to shift from a « SICK care » system to a « WELLNESS care » system.

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