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On Friday, June 7th 2024 I was interviewed by Loot Bryon Smith, a Self - Empowerment Music Artist, Public Speaker, Life Coach and Podcast Host from California. We discussed some parts of my journey and my views about what creates dis-ease and how to heal. I explained that we must focus on reminding people that the healing power is within them, rather than the healing coming from someone else.

A healer is there to support and guide you in clearing the energetic blocks and obstacles to true health, happiness and living your best life but not there to do it FOR YOU. For there to be a long term benefit after a healing session the focus needs to be about supporting you in awakening your own healing capabilities rather than simply "doing something to you". There is often a misconception about what a Healer really is, and it can lead people to think the healer has all the power, when really our job is to help you remember your power and reclaim it as your own.

Your connection to Source/Universe/God/Goddess/Creator of all that is, is what heals you so we must look at what is getting in the way of that connection, in your subconscious mind and bring healing to those parts of you that feel disconnected and powerless (usually inner child/teen). When you receive energy work or take homeopathy or vibrational water remedies, these healing frequencies are not doing the healing for you. We take frequencies in (or block them due to subconscious programming) and our body then does the healing. Energy and frequency healing is just there to support us in removing the blocks to our healing.

I'm passionate about mentoring and educating my clients in remembering who they really are, as a spark of the Divine and that they can heal themselves! We all need help and we also must learn to take responsibilty for ourselves, our health and our reality before anything can change. We are the creators of our reality! When we know and believe this, we can be empowered to do our shadow work to clear away what is getting in the way of the reality we hope for and reclaim our light, our health and our life.

Here is the link to our 30 min podcast video:

Short clips from our conversation:

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