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Ready for radical and quantum-level breakthroughs in your health and a deeper connection to your true self? Ready to up-level and transform your overall sense of wellbeing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels? Are you looking to live a healthier, more relaxed and joy-filled life?Want to detoxify wholistically, safely and gently? Ready to awaken your inner healer, heal trauma, and reclaim your power so you can start to live a life you love?










The healing that I would offer during sessions over the 3 or 6 month container:


  • Thetahealing: Subconscious belief reprogramming & reality creation work, DNA activations and downloads/upgrades in your perspective and understanding and so much more!

  • Reiki Energy Healing - Hands-on or Distance

  • Somatic-based Energy Work for healing trauma. I guide you in connecting with and processing suppressed emotions and parts of yourself you have disconnected from as a result of trauma/shock. I will guide you in reclaiming your power and re-integrating these parts (Soul Healing/Retrieval)

  • Nervous system regulation work through guided meditation, somatic and breath work and other self-healing practices including recommendations around Nature-based connection practices

  • Medical Intuitive Reading/Analysis to uncover root causes dis-ease

  • Vibrational Water Remedies - these water formulas are created and distributed by Healers Who Share (Now "Purely Resonance") ( I will make recommendations of water formulas for you, but ordering waters is optional. I can also offer energetic integrations of the frequencies during an energy work session. Cost of the water formulas is separate and is not included in the cost of this package. These remedies are ordered from the Purely Resonance warehouse in Connecticut USA, where they are created with the use of a Radionics machine.

  • For those coming in-person, Red/Infrared Light Therapy and Ionic Detox Footbaths can be a part of all or some of your sessions in addition to the above work





Before committing to this healing container, we will schedule a discovery call to ensure this is the right fit for us both, and then an intake and consent form will need to be filled out before we start.

3 or 6 Month Revolutionary Healing Containers include:

  • One 30 min call or visit to co-create our schedule and set our intention for the 3 or 6 months we will work together.

  • One “Comprehensive Medical Intuitive/Energy Field Analysis” including a detailed spreadsheet report (assessing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels) and recommended interventions for any specific vulnerabilities noted (vibrational water remedies being a big focus, as well as belief & emotional work, self-healing practices and supplementation/herbs may be suggested). This analysis is done remotely (takes me about 5 hrs) then we will go over this report in your first session and it will help us map out your healing plan over the next 3 or 6 months. 

  • Two 90 min sessions monthly, in-person or zoom. (6 or 12 Sessions)

  • Two 30 min remote distance energy healing sessions monthly with notes sent via email or text. (6 or 12 Sessions)

  • Weekly short check-ins as well as support and guidance available through text, audio recordings, phone or email, in between sessions to support your integration/process as needed.

  • Follow-up/Shorter Medical Intuitive Analysis at the end of the 3 or 6 months to follow progress and make any further recommendations



3 Months: $3300 or $1200 per month

6 Months: $6400 or $1160 per month

3 & 6 Month Revolutionary
Healing Containers

To learn more about the vibrational water remedies I use and the company I trained with and work with now (Purely Resonance/formerly Healers Who Share):
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