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Booking a Session

Please Note:

I have retired my medical license in 2022 and am no longer providing Medical Care or MSP-insured consultations. 

Free Discovery Call

If you'd like to have a chat and ask me any questions about my services, as well as see if we are the right fit to work together please book a FREE 15 min discovery call. This can be done in-person, on the phone or on a video call. This free call would also apply to anyone who is considering purchasing their own light therapy system for personal or professional use, and wants to find out more about this process.

Quantum Healing 

These sessions may include a combination of any of the services I offer with the focus being on Medical Intuition, ThetaHealing, Reiki, Intuitive Counselling and Vibrational Water Medicine (see below for more details on a more thorough analysis). These other services may be added into the session for a powerful synergistic effect: low-level laser therapy, ionic detox
foot baths, guided self-healing exercises (meditative visualizations, breath work, affirmations) and suggestions around lifestyle, foods, herbs or supplements. 

60 mins: $300

120 mins: $500


4 Session Quantum Healing Packages (15% Savings):

4 x 60 mins: $1020

4 x 120 mins: $1700

These packages must be used within 6 months of purchase and are non-refundable.

Packages can be shared by immediate family members.

Polychromatic Low-Level Laser Therapy

This light therapy-only session is 45 mins long and is $150.

May include general health or cleansing suggestions.

Ionic Detox Foot or Hand Baths

Ionic detox-only session is 45 mins long and is $150

May include general health or cleansing suggestions.

Detailed Health Analysis & Vibrational Water Medicine

I spend several hours tuning into your energy field remotely and intuitively test the strength and vitality of all your organs, glands, tissues, and systems. Where there are vulnerabilities or imbalances, I dive in deeper to find out whether this is caused by pathogens, toxins, limiting beliefs, trauma, repressed emotions, miasms (inherited conditions), etc. I then create a vibrational water medicine healing plan (which will include 15-20 formulas taken in separate stages) to target these root causes with the specific frequencies needed to transmute them. This analysis includes a 60 min session and email report to discuss the analysis results. Cost of the waters is separate (there are different options for this so please contact for details.) 

 Initial Detailed Health Analysis & Consult: $500

Follow-up Health Analysis: $350

Once you have completed an initial detailed health analysis and a vibrational water healing plan, I can then complete a follow-up analysis and create another round of waters depending on what issues are still present. This includes a 30 min session and email report.

Contact me directly to book a Detailed Health Analysis or to find out more!

For all other services please feel free to book online:

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"Melissa blends the intuitive and scientific spectrums in such a graceful way. She has a holistic approach to integrating a session that uniquely tailors to my needs. 


My 7 year old son benefited from a distance Reiki treatment during his sleep. He informed me the next day that he had happy dreams, as opposed to the usual nightmares. We are excited for more!"

Julie Pouliot, RMT, BCST

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